Review skeleton because my laptop is dangerously close to running out of power.

Gotta say, though: Ichibei like a BOSS.

Alright, now that I've had a day to actually formulate some thoughts on the chapter, here we go with the real review.

Ichibei like a BOSS.

Okay, fine.

So we start off with Bazz-B demanding to know if this is how Yhwach does things, with Renji actually expressing some concern for him. Guess they really did bond over their physical appearances. And of course, Liltotto and Giselle have retreated underneath the rubble where Giselle was nomming on Bambietta last chapter in a scene eerily reminiscent of an apocalypse movie as Liltotto and Bazz-B do that simultaneous proclamation thing, this time of "WE CAN'T JUST DIE HERE!" I'm hoping this leads to a legit team-up between Renji and Bazz-B when the latter decides to go up to the Soul King Palace and give Yhwach his two cents about being betrayed. Totally thinking Burner Finger 5 turns Bazz-B into the Human Torch.

Then, we cut to Byakuya and Shunsui noticing the beams of light from the Auswhaling and Shunsui telling Nanao and Genshirō(!) that they should go up to the palace because it's getting real up there. Like some of you in the comments, not sure HOW he's gonna do this, but odds are it will involve his super smexy haori finally getting some explanation and use. Oh, and Kubo remembered that Genshirō is a character he created. Yaaaaay. Kinda want to see him in battle, but of course the more established characters come first in that regard.

Et puis, we're back at the palace, where Nimaiya has noticed he's missing a few parts of his shoulder, as everyday folks are wont to overlook now and again. Turns out, this was Lille's doing - totally thought Gerard was gonna be the one to attack Nimaiya and Lille was gonna be useless, but nope, Gerard's just looking at his hand. Guess I was wrong, and I don't mind at all because now Lille's a threat. Turns out, Yhwach's Auswhaling can be used to transfer power between ANY Quincies, not just from his descendants to him, and with this new power boost, the true nature of The X-Axis is revealed: when Lille fires his rifle, everything in front of the barrel's circle is destroyed no matter how durable it is, in sort of an invisible laserbeam way...and he proves this by shooting Nimaiya through the heart. Kubo, you're to blame, giving love a bad name.

Turns out, Pernida has also been revived (proving me wrong yet again because I thought it would be useless in combat compared to the other three) and distorts the branches of the Cage of Life out of the way, allowing Yhwach to confront Ichibei and ask him if he's gonna step aside so Yhwach can pass. But in the most awesome moment of the chapter, Ichibei flashes a pure Yamamoto grin, stands up with his hands on his brush, and tells Yhwach to not say his name so casually and informally because it might crush his throat. Like I said, Ichibei like a BOSS.

Overall, solid chapter. I liked the few pages at the beginning of Bazz-B and Liltotto reaffirming that they AAAAAAAAAAAIN'T gonna take this sitting down, as well as Shunsui finally deciding to do something in this invasion. I'm glad that the elite Sternritter are at least putting up a fight now, regardless of the fact that it took killing Robert to do so, and that at least one Royal Guard member has ACTUALLY been injured. I'm also super hyped to see Ichibei in action, primarily because unlike Nimaiya, he's ALWAYS been goody and gung-ho up until now, and to see him go full Yama like that was both intimidating and awesome. Totally want him to box Yhwach around with his large Hakuda muscles.

Oh, and Hikifune uses a giant spoon. Sun was correct, all hail Sun.

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