No, that isn't me swearing, folks: Kubo just wrote the most accurate chapter title ever.

Anywho, onto the chapter. Nimaiya deciding to start by cutting off Yhwach's arms was funny, but that only lasted for two pages, so onto the main part. Turns out Giselle ain't dead yet, and she's drinking Bambietta's blood to revive herself (now do you see? Bambietta didn't want Giselle's schlong, just her blood. Gosh). Of course, she has to remind us she is GISELLE by beating Bambietta to death and then hugging the corpse. Because Giselle. Oh, and Liltotto's back as well, allowing us to see a shot of Giselle's Quincy: Vollständig. I think some people predicted skeleton wings way back when, so there you go.

And would you look at that, we've FINALLY got a name for the old man: Robert Accutrone. No Colonel Gordon for you. Surprisingly, he's really hysterical and knows exactly how Yhwach views the Sternritter - expendable - which is why he's claiming that Yhwach will kill all of them with Auswählen... which, lo and behold, is precisely what happens. Turns out, Yhwach decided to confirm to the readers that he gives all of -5 damns about the Sternritter and has revived his elite guard - which means, of course, that now we can see what Gerard does AND that Askin is not dead yet. Yaaaaaay.

Overall, good chapter (shocking, I know). I'm glad that the elite guard aren't out just yet; I had a feeling something would happen to revive them, although I had thought it would be based more around The Miracle and not Auswählen. Still, pretty legit and trolly on Yhwach's part. However, this does raise a question: if all the Sternritter below are gonna die and/or have their powers taken away, who will be left for the Shinigami still in need of an action sequence to fight? We're still missing quite a few Bankai and even some Shikai, so unless there are unlettered Sternritter whose powers Yhwach decided to not steal, I don't think they'll be shown off, I guess we might get an answer next chapter, but who knows, aside from the big K himself.

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