(Apologies for not having a "song of the week" link here; I fully intended to start it up again this week, but the school wifi does not allow access to Youtube. However, I would recommend listening to "Warrior Concerto" by The Glitch Mob for this chapter.)

Nimaiya all badass and stuff.

First off, we've got Gerard attacking Nimaiya first, exactly as planned predicted. Nimaiya begins to show his badassery by effortlessly dodging Gerard's strike, which apparently strong enough to damage the trees beyond the slash, and...uh...oh boy. Apparently, Mangapanda's taking notes from Mangastream's translator because for whatever reason, Nimaiya sounds exactly like a Californian Hispanic/Mexican high-schooler. I'm not even exaggerating, it's all there: the bruh's, the "dodge a hug from a brother", everything. It's eerie. Anywho, Nimaiya goes on to take Gerard out with one swing, so everyone say it with me: ONE HIT K.O.! Of course, Lille cannot accept someone being stronger than a Sternritter, so he gives Nimaiya another opportunity to be a badass by firing Heilig Pfeil at him, which Nimaiya deflects with his sword. Because yes. After slashing Lille across his body because reasons, Nimaiya THROWS HIS SWORD THROUGH PERNIDA'S HEAD and then takes it out so he can wreck Askin's face in two hits. It seems Nimaiya's Zanpakutō is too powerful to be used by anyone but him, even when it's sealed, and apparently Yhwach being here is gonna allow him to cut loose...but it turns out Askin's still alive because The Deathdealing apparently lets him survive mortal injuries since he's always close to death or something. A bit confusing, but let's roll with it.

Overall, another solid chapter. Even though it was basically Nimaiya proving that he is the God of the Sword in every sense of the word, I'm completely fine with that, although I hope at least Gerard isn't completely out of it yet (we still don't know what The Miracle even does). Also, that color page was pretty nice, especially since it was also the chapter cover and thus let Kubo draw 17 pages of action.

EDIT: Also, did anyone else see that color page and think of the bad guy from Foodfight!, when she first met Dex in that weird schoolgirl outfit with the denim gloves?

...I remember too much about that movie for my own good.