Song to listen to while reading this chapter: (okay, there isn't actually a song this time, I just want to know if people actually read this part so I can determine whether or not it's worth the effort of finding a song to fit the chapter each week)

Okay, onto the chapter. Unfortunately, I don't have too much time for the review this time around, so summary a go-go. Nianzol's dead (aww okay), Yhwach has infinite Soldat (expected), oh and he's got four elite Sternritter apparently called Sternlichter (wait what). I had a feeling he'd have four elite Sternritter, but I thought they'd have epithets based on the four special letters of the German alphabet. Oh well, this works too. And look, Askin's there!...and none of use predicted his epithet. Wow, Kubo really loves subverting our expectations. No idea what The Deathdealer does, aside from the obvious conclusion. Oh, and Gerard seems pretty legit, as does Lille - not sure what to make of the yet-unnamed one (edit: actually named Pernida Parnkgjas, Mangapanda is just a dumb), though.

Oh, and we also didn't predict any of THOSE epithets correctly, either (aside from maybe The Miracle, although lord knows what THAT one does). My oh my.

Also, I'm really hoping Senjumaru didn't just get part of her head blown off. That would be unfair to her character if she just died now.

Overall though, good chapter. Four more Sternritter (if I'm not mistaken, all of them have been revealed now) and moar powers, yay.

For this week's essay...okay, honestly, I don't know. My mind's roughly 30% shut-down by now, and the one topic I can think of is being reserved for 600's blog (you'll know why when you see it, maybe possibly hopefully). However, I'm completely willing to take suggestions from you guys, so feel free to list anything you'd like me to cover and I'll see what I can do.

Oh, and because I am a terrible person...

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