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Ch. 593 - Marching Out the ZOMBIES 4

Xilinoc August 12, 2014 User blog:Xilinoc

Normally I don't do this unless I know for certain that the Big 3 will be coming out on Tuesday instead of Wednesday, but judging by how the Mangapanda release lineup currently looks they may or may not be, and I can't afford to stay up and confirm because school. So if it doesn't come out today, I apologize for misleading you, but if it does, then this is here for a conversation forum (and believe me, Mangapanda has shattered my faith in their having a consistent release schedule enough times that this is all but necessary).

EDIT: ...aaaaaaand it didn't come out early. Sorry about that, folks. (8/12/14)--Xilinoc (talk) 12:30, August 12, 2014 (UTC)

EDIT: Alright, it's most definitely coming out tonight, so I'm getting this blog on the RC so you guys can comment your discussions and stuff in the event that I don't have time to update it in the morning, which is a very likely scenario.--Xilinoc (talk) 05:58, August 20, 2014 (UTC) (And no, I don't know why I'm putting signatures on my own blog.)

Song to listen to while reading this chapter: I think you know exactly what

Mayuri be trollin', they hatin'.

Alright, I have to go to school and stuff, but I think we can all agree that this chapter is pure Mayuri gold. Accept no substitutes.

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