Song to listen to while reading this chapter:

Well, Mangapanda sure took its sweet time putting out this chapter, but I think we can all agree that IT. WAS. WORTH.

We start off with some really nice color pages. That two-page spread is particularly cool, what with Ichigo looking like a badass and stuff again. Anywho, turns out that the Arrancar have retained their personalities and memories, which of course leads to hijinks when Charlotte sees Yumichika again. Ye gods, the ham. Oh, and apparently Mayuri's put a shocker in each of their brains in order to shut them up when they talk too much...which leads to Charlotte proclaiming "I'm different!", getting shocked, and then posing.

Ye gods, the HAM.

Oh, and we have a small moment of sadness when Mayuri reminds Ikkaku and Yumichika that Yamamoto said those who go against the Seireitei must die, even if they're Shinigami. I mean, those zombies are beyond saving at some point, but it's still a little sad, given the expressions on Ikkaku and Yumichika's faces.

The Arrancar start getting down to business, with Dordoni still being a baller and learning he can go all-out because blood from the zombies themselves doesn't do anything. Giselle reattaches Bambietta's arm, but Charlotte shows up and...states he and Giselle are very similar. Damn, Kubo, I had no idea you were this into vague statements. Oh, and did I mention that Charlotte tosses poor Bambietta around like a ragdoll? He even CERO'D her. With no long name call-out. Poor girl's basically a chew-toy at this point, isn't she?

But then, we get to the best (and/or worst, depending on who you are) part:

591Hitsugaya arrives

Oh. My. God.

It happened.

He's actually dead.


I didn't know you had it in you.

*applauds while sobbing*

Anywho, great chapter. It had a lot of really good humor in it, especially with the hamtastic Charlotte, and that end twist is SPECTACULAR. Digging his new clothes as well. I'm guessing we're finally gonna see his completed Bankai now that he's able to use it.

Question, though: did Giselle play dress-up with him? Because that's both in-character and OHMYGODHORRIFIYING.

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