Song to listen to while reading this chapter:

Well holy hell, this was a chapter.

Little extension on the end of the last chapter aside (Mayuri, you are such a glorious bastard for that "Great opponents always shine" line), first off we've got some interaction between Giselle and Bambietta. Apparently, the latter really wants something from the former (I'm guessing flesh), and it's interesting that Giselle's dead victims can also talk, albeit in stilted speak. But apparently, Giselle is more sadistic than I thought because she literally slaps Bambietta away and promises to reward her only when the battle is over. This brings us the very rare sight of Bambietta crying; I'll admit, as much of a crazy psychopath as she is, the sight of her actually shedding tears in the face of this abuse tugs at the strings of the marionette iron maiden you could call my heart if you squinted hard enough.

Anyway, Mayuri turns down the full-body lens flare so the common folk can see him, and Giselle has Bambietta throw more bombs at him. However, Mayuri has Nemu counter by throwing Pokeballs these things called Reishi Fixers at the bombs, and - surprise - they don't explode for 3 seconds, long enough for them to reach Giselle and Bambietta. Apparently, these things stop Reishi from doing anything for a set amount of time. I can't imagine what use these would have against any opponent other than Bambietta, but knowing Mayuri, he probably developed a few seconds after seeing Bambietta's abilities, just for giggles. But lo and behold, Giselle actually has MORE zombies, and these ones are Shinigami (likely the 11th Division members that she forced to kill themselves). But then, Mayuri notes that even though he's the mad scientist incarnate, he simply cannot fight against other Shinigami, even though they're dead, and so he'll leave them to...

590Arrancar arrive

Ladies and gentlemen, your prayers hath been answered.

I usually leave a gratuitous summation of the review here, but I just want to say that I'm pretty sure this chapters was codenamed "The Mayuri Ultimatum" because HOT DAMN he was ballin like the pimp we all know he is.

Also, I have no clue how Mayuri managed to put Luppi back together after Grimmjow Cero'd the top half of his body off, or why he felt it necessary to include Charlotte with former Espada, but whatevs, I'm sure it'll be explained in 591.

That is all.

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