Song to listen to while reading this chapter: Master Exploder (see what I did there?)

Okay, Mangapanda, when I complain about the chapter coming out in the wee hours of the morning for no discernible reason, the solution is NOT releasing it a day earlier than usual without any prior warning.

So first we start off with learning HOW Ichigo and co. are gonna get back to the Soul King Palace; a replica of the Shiba cannon, conveniently located in the 12th Division basement. Apparently Mayuri made it as a precaution in case something like this occurred, and that definitely sounds like something he would do. Also, we've finally got an in-story acknowledgement of Orihime's ridiculous outfit; apparently, Urahara claimed Ichigo would like it if she wore it, which I would think she would know better than to believe - after all, we all know Ichigo has ascended above the realm of mortals and become a godlike prude, able to encounter scores beautiful woman and focus more on how they're feeding/suffocating him than on their curves. But thankfully, this chapter marks the return of everyone's FAVORITE woman: Yoruichi! Apparently, she was off helping Hiyori and the others fix that distortion in the Human World (oh look first mention of that in like a year) and she collected a lot of energy while she was there - enough energy to actually bring the two worlds together, if need be. Interesting.

Then we cut to Ikkaku and Yumichika v. The Court of EXPLOSIONS, with Bambietta showing off The Explode once more. Oh, how glorious it is. Thankfully, Yumichika's got a decent head on his shoulders and knows they can't deflect them, so Ikkaku attacks Bambietta head-on and Yumichika actually shows off a new Kidō spell - Hadō #57. Daichi Tenyō. It's nice to finally get canon proof that he can use Kidō, and it's also nice to actually see more Kidō being used in this arc. But, of course, Bambietta shrugs it all off like nothing because she's already dead and stuff, and Giselle...apparently got off on killing Bambietta. Maybe that's where the "stench of semen" comes from? Anyway, when all hope seems lost, a shining figure appears in the distance! Who could it be? It''s...oh god, it's Mayuri. Everyone, hold onto your butts; we're in for a hell of a ride.

Overall, definitely an interesting chapter. We've got Yoruichi's return, a pseudo-cannon, a new Kidō spell, and of course, Mayuri, Kubo's fav character to draw (I wonder if we'll see those faces Kubo was talking about next chapter? Who knows). Now, if MP hadn't released this a day ahead of schedule and sent everyone into a FRENZY, it would've been perfect, but oh well.

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