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587Urahara arrives

So we start off with a nice color page where...holy crap. Are...are those Orihime's...ooooooookay then. Wow. Anyway, in the chapter itself, a huge explosion occurs at the site of departure because...reasons...and scatters everyone nearby by blowing them away. Orihime, of course, is more concerned about who did this than about the fact that it happened, but of course Ichigo's getting his angst on. However, Sado ain't having none of that, and in one of the funniest things I have seen in quite some time, picks Ichigo up and throws him into a building. Yeah, now you know how those poor Sternritter girls feel, Ichigo! Of course, he's trying to snap Ichigo out of it and point out that Uryū probably has a reason and all that...but still, that was hilarious. The expressions on Orihime and Ichigo's faces sealed the deal. Oh, and now Urahara's here to send Ichigo back to the Soul King Palace 3 seconds after he arrived in Soul Society. YAAAAAAAAAAAY.

587Burner Finger 4

I can't help but wonder if this works like Ola Azul.

Then we cut to Rukia and Renji, the latter of whom activated his new and improved Bankai in order to protect them from debris with Hihiō. Good thinking, Renji. But Bazz-B overhears Rukia wondering what the hell Uryū is thinking and offers to help them kill him...which, I'll admit, would've been interesting to see happen. But Renji ain't having none of that and insults Bazz-B's mohawk, which, as we all know, is always the worst thing to do in any situation involving a mohawk of that caliber. So, Bazz-B gets mad and...compliments Renji's eyebrows, which is the second really funny moment in this chapter because it leads to Renji actually saying "You're such a nice guy!" to a fire-wielding sociopath like Bazz-B. Of course, Bazz-'s still Bazz-B and finally uses Burner Finger 4, which...actually looks pretty cool, all things considered. I like the fact that it takes the shape of an actual weapon and all that...aaaaaaand cue giant explosion.

Oh, and the Quincy trio are now at the Soul King Palace. SHENANIGANS AND HIJINKS SHALL ENSUE.

Overall, I like this chapter a lot. We got a good mixture of plot progression, new powers being shown off, and solid comedic gold, which is everything I can ask for in a chapter.

Also, apologies for the disabled comments on the previous iteration of this blog; I have absolutely no idea how that happened, although I think it also happened to a previous one as well. Hopefully it'll work this time.

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