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Okay, Kubo, you win: what does this chapter title series even mean?

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So first off, we've got an explanation of what, exactly, Yhwach's current plan is. Turns out, Ichigo's clothes are really, really durable, allowing him to smash through the 72 barriers between Soul Society and the palace without sustaining injury because they're made of 100% grade-A Royal Guard tissue (side-note: I knew it, I KNEW the clothes did something, I KNEW IT). But because of that, Yhwach can now go to the palace because the barriers won't reform for another 6000 seconds. Strange way of listing that time amount, Kubo, but okay. Then, Meninas sees fit to smash Ichigo through several buildings to prevent him from leaving (is it wrong that I want to see more of her in action? I feel like she has the largest capacity for destruction out of the four), and NaNaNa...smashes his fists into the ground because apparently he's the Incredible Hulk on Slim Jims before (and this is my fav part) Commission Gordon casually puts his gun to Ichigo's head.

585Bazz-B appears

Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior, Yhwach?

Ichigo, of course, avoids getting his head blown off, but then Bazz-B, being Bazz-B, grabs him and fires Burner Finger 1 (is it just me, or does he like using that waaaaay too much?). But good ol' Renji shows up and deflects said attack with Zabimaru before telling Ichigo to get a move on toward Yhwach. Even he knows that what's about to happen am the bad. As Ichigo leaves, Bazz-B and NaNaNa try to stop him, but then (and I was hoping this would happen) several other Shinigami, in the form of Rukia, Byakuya, Hisagi, Ikkaku, and Yumichika, show up to take on the Sternritter. Oh boy, dis gon be gud, especially with Hisagi likely having a Bankai to show off now.

Overall, a good chapter for me (I know, shocking twist, isn't it?). I liked the explanation of why Ichigo has new clothes beyond Kubo being a clothomaniac (that's now a word according to me), the bit about the barriers, and, of course, the fact that we're gonna have quite a few cool fights coming up next chapter, unless Kubo decides to cut to that super hyped-up Don Kanonji mini-arc for 10 or so chapters.

Also, I felt like putting captions for this blog's images. Pls dun hurt meh.

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