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Bazz-B officially confirmed as "Wildcard of the Sternritter".

584Candice loses

So first, we've got 2 pages of Candice preparing to counter the double Getsuga and Ichigo yelling at her to dodge. Aww, he DOES care! Then, we're back to Yhwach, Uryū, and Haschwalth, with the latter summoning some sort of "key" on Yhwach's orders. Interesting. Then, we're back to the four Sternritter girls, with Candice having lost an arm to the Getsuga Doble (wasn't expecting that) and having Giselle heal her with The Zombie. That alone is a cool variation on simply turning opponents' bodies against them, but there's one part that I missed the first time around: Giselle noting that she can't turn living Quincies into zombies. That, of course, raises the question of what exactly happened to Bambietta, as she was (sort of) alive the last we saw her and Giselle would have had to kill her to zombify her. Hmm.

584Bazz-B's Vollstandig

But then, Bazz-B shows up with his Quincy: Vollständig and, because he is the wildcard, uses Burner Finger 1 on all four Sternritter (him being here, of course, also raises the question of what happened to Shinji). Apparently, he thinks it's okay to steal prey if you're late to the battle (despite him calling out Cang for doing this way back in 552 - nice bit of hypocrisy there, Kubo) as Pepe, NaNaNa, and Revolver Ocelot all show up as well. But, it turns out the four female Ritter are more enduring than we thought, since they're ready to fight after being pierced by what amounts to a javelin of fire. Dayum. Ichigo's apparently fine with an 8-on-1 battle, but then a beam of light pierces the heavens behind him as Yhwach tells everyone to be with him. Oh lord, does this mean assimilation is imminent?

Despite the questions it raises, this chapter is good in my books. I like the fact that the odds against Ichigo are MUCH more even now with 8 Sternritter instead of just 1 (technically 4 but 3 of them were doing pretty much nothing) and the fact that Bazz-B is, well, Bazz-B. Also, I can't help but wonder if this "key" Yhwach speaks of is a King's Key. EXTREMELY unlikely, mind you, but who knows, especially with that weird symbol on the ground.

Also, I like Bazz-B's Quincy: Vollständig, but I swear to God, if those wings turn out to act as extra fingers for him...

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