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Now THAT was a chapter.

583Candice's Vollstandig

First off, we've got more confirmation of Ichigo's power level: namely, his ability to shrug off four Heilig Pfeil from four different Sternritter at once. Then, in the first moment of slapstick comedy in a long time, Candice crashes into a building...and then Giselle crashes into her, and then Meninas into them, and then Liltotto into them. Candice even points out how they did it on purpose. Lawdy, Kubo. Then, Candice finally activates her Quincy: Vollständig for real and on purpose. Lots of lightning motifs in this one. Oh, and here's my first favorite part of the chapter: Candice gets the other girls to envision what they would wish for Yhwach to give them, and while Meninas things of furnishings and Liltotto thinks of food, Giselle thinks of...nothing. Just black. It's both hilarious and disturbing at the same time.

583Ichigo vs. Candice

Then Candice moves to close-range combat by, as Mohrp corrected my edit with, pulling off her wings and using them as swords, which explains the "six swords" bit. Then, she throws one of them as a Galvano Javelin, but Ichigo (and I love how he does this) casually counters it with a Getsuga Tenshō. He literally just kinda points and swipes a bit to fire it, oh my lord. Then, Candice gets even ANGRIER (if she were the Hulk, her biceps would be roughly the size of the Seireitei by now) and unleashes...Electrocution. An apt and fitting name, to be sure, since it's basically a cubic buttload of lightning directed at one person. But then, Ichigo crosses the streams and unleashes...Getsuga Jūjishō.




In all seriousness, I knew that he'd have a new technique after all that training and new sword-ing, and I'm happy to see that it still works for him. Also, X's are cool and stuff.

All in all, a really good chapter. It has quite a few legitimately funny moments in it, and Ichigo squaring off with Candice like this is surprisingly cool to watch, especially since Candice has such a sparky personality.

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