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Ch. 582 - The Headless Star

Xilinoc May 28, 2014 User blog:Xilinoc

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So first off, we've got a short continuation of Ichigo and Kenpachi's conversation, with Kenpachi himself confirming that he never expected Ichigo to save him. Ironic indeed. Then, Candice attacks Ichigo, so he throws her into a building (as any rational person would do) and proceeds to do the same thing to the other three Ritter in rapid succession. Because, y'know, dat power. Also, I'm a bit surprised that they didn't even know who he was until Liltotto revealed that he was Ichigo Kurosaki, the first Special War Power: you'd think they'd be a bit more well-informed. Then (and this is my fav part) Candice goes crazy, actually pulls out a bow, and uses Galvano Blast, which is apparently a Heilig Pfeil imbued with 5 gigajoules of electricity. That's a lot, but I'm more impressed that a Sternritter actually used a bow for the first time in forever. Seriously, that's awesome. Of course, Ichigo tanks it with only his new clothes getting blasted off (I actually thought he went Bankai for a second there) and prepares to fight the Sternritter, the rest of whom ALSO pull out bows. Interestingly, their bows appear to be pre-made, and they just pull them out by slapping the container on their thigh. Oh, and Yhwach is preparing to head out and Askin's planning plans about plans within planned-out plans. As usual.

Overall, I love this chapter. It feels a bit more packed than recent ones, and it seems Kubo has remembered that the Sternritter are actually Quincy, which is something I've been eagerly anticipating.

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