Song to listen to while reading this chapter:

Well damn.

So first off, we've got Kenpachi justifiably attacking Candice, The Thunderbolt, upon noticing that she's zapping his soldiers. (I'll admit to being amused by Giselle's little pun of The Thunderbolt being a "stingy" power.) But then, Candice lightning-zaps her way behind Kenpachi and fires him, and then Meninas shows up and...punches him into the ground with the force of a truck. Holy crap, didn't see that coming. Then, Liltotto confronts some other Shinigami and...devours them? Very reminiscent of Pride from FMA right there, except with an actual mouth instead of shadows. Also, she's The Glutton instead of The Gravity like we thought she was, but she WAS eating in pretty much all of her appearances, so I guess that makes sense.

Then, Meninas throws A BUILDING at some more Shinigami and turns out to be The Power. Again, didn't see that one coming, but the trope is standard enough. Then we get what we were ALL predicting: Giselle is The Zombie. However, i'll give Kubo credit for making it interesting; rather than having her just take over dead bodies, her blood splattering on people gives her control over them, AND she's pretty enduring to damage as a result (dat shoulder tho). Then, as Kenpachi realizes he cannot fight them due to the damage on his body, an explosion occurs in the sky. Who could it be? Maybe Batman decided to jump in, who knows.

Overall, I like this chapter. 4 new epithets at once are certainly interesting to think about, AND I'm glad that Kenpachi is actually out of commission for this one so that we get to see other people fight now. Yaaaay.

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