I had resolved to stay up for the next exciting episode of Dragon Ball Z chapter 578, but school has testing tomorrow and I'm gonna be meeting Jackie Speier, so it isn't the BEST idea to lose sleep tonight. Plus I feel kinda terrible so I just want to sleep.

As for predictions, I'm guessing this is where Gremmy has his Villainous Breakdown and Kenpachi ends the fight with one attack. Gotta say, this was a pretty fun fight to watch, especially with Gremmy just literally throwing so much at Kenpachi. It's also been a good indicator of his post-timeskip power; all his fights up until now have been either one-shots for him or his opponent, or...well...whatever Kenpachi v. Unohana was, I don't know. Bottom line is, it's been two OP characters duking it out, and that's always interesting to watch because there's no one-sided nature to it. Also, Kenpachi's Shikai reveal was goddamn fantastic, I tell you what.

So...yeah. The fight will most likely end this chapter (I'm still rooting for Rose briefly reviving to use Ein Heldenleben on Gremmy out of nowhere) and Gremmy will lose his shit in the process because he ain't never found someone more OP than he is. Yay, predictions.

Also, while I'm thinking about it...please, for the love of my sanity, don't start posting stuff like "Kenpachi was never in Shikai" or "I'm just waiting for his Bankai". I and the others can only witness so much before we start to crack...

all editing and no play makes Xilinoc a dull boy
all editing and no play makes Xilinoc a dull boy

Song to listen to while reading this chapter:

Well that was...slightly disturbing.

So first off, it seems the true ability of Kenpachi's Shikai is - as many guessed - the ability to cut through anything. At least, that's what I'm getting from his one-liner on the chapter page. Speaking of which, I love the chapter name of THE UNDEAD 5, since it's completely in line with what happens therein.

Then, Gremmy makes MOAR clones of himself and...has the logical idea of trapping Kenpachi IN SPACE, since he can't cut something intangible. This causes his bodily fluids to evaporate from his eyeballs and mouth and...ew, does that really happen when you go into space unprotected? Jaysus, that's gotta be painful. Kenpachi finally manages to kill one of the clones by cutting him in half - thankfully it's zoomed out so we don't have to witness teenage guts falling out or anything - but Gremmy has his clones latch on like leeches and then blows Kenpachi to kingdom come. Kenpachi survives it, of course, but not without some noticeable injuries, but them Gremmy enters that breakdown I predicted and tries to make himself strong enough to kill Kenpachi.

However, this fails miserably.

Gremmy ends up seriously injuring his upper body by increasing the size of his muscles and tendons, and falls to the ground as Kenpachi criticizes him for wanting to kill him so badly that he died in the process. Sheeit.

Overall, I really enjoyed this chapter. It's a pretty satisfying conclusion to this battle of the OP, and I'm glad Kenpachi managed to take SOME injuries before the end. Also, Gremmy's death was great. Just saying.

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