Song to listen to while reading this chapter:

So first off, we get an unexpected look at how people around the Seireitei are reacting to seeing a huge freaking meteorite hurtling toward them. Bazz-B flipping out was cool, as was Askin looking visibly nervous, but the most interesting part to me is that the unseated Shinigami were apparently fighting the Soldat prior to this. I mean, I suppose we were supposed to infer it was happening, but still. Also, Haschwalth having a visible reaction to something was hilarious.

And then we switch back to Kenpachi v. Gremmy, and Gremmy makes the valid point that the meteorite won't go away if Kenpachi kills him because it already exists. But Kenpachi, not to be deterred by silly things like logic, leaps toward the meteorite and...says a release command.


holy hell

And then he destroys the meteorite with a single blow and HOLY CRAP HIS SHIKAI'S CHANGED

I did not see that coming. At ALL. Good god, Kubo, you've certainly pulled a fast one on me, haven't you?

Aside from the true form of Nozarashi looking very fitting for Kenpachi, the moment before he destroys the meteorite is what really makes the chapter for me. See, Yachiru's remembering her first meeting with Kenpachi, where he told her he doesn't have a name. That lack of a name is what made him want to connect with his Zanpakutō, since he knows its pain, and now he knows the name and can use it properly and and and

Almost brings a tear to my eye. A manly tear, of course, but a tear nonetheless.

Anyway, a great goddamn chapter. The opening bit with everyone flipping out was very interesting and helpful to see, since we know that this isn't happening in a vacuum, and even though I didn't see it coming, the true form of Nozarashi is really cool-looking and fitting for Kenpachi, and as mentioned, that moment prior is so, so good. Also, we got to see Kenpachi being awesome in true style. 'Twas great.

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