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For the first time in 7 weeks, it's the Xilinoc review LIVE from the chapter coming out!

So, this chapter proved to be interesting...although Kubo is STILL stringing us along with that Shikai.

First off, we've got Askin watching the fight from afar and...apparently eating lunch. Wow, casual guy. Then, Mr. Geh Geh Geh shows up, and we finally know his name, or at least his first one: Pepe. Much fatter than I was expecting, to be honest, but whatever, it's cool with me. Judging by their conversation, even the other Sternritter are wary of Gremmy and his power, claiming that he should still be locked up, whatever that means. Nice to see not everything's hunky-dory between them, much like with the Espada. Also, Askin had an interesting line about what kind of people get things done. It's 2 am here, so I don't feel like analyzing it, but I found it intriguing for his character all the same.

Then we get back to Kenpachi and Gremmy fighting, and Kenpachi gives Gremmy the sounds advice of focusing on him alone if he wants to win and prove he is the strongest. Then, we got an interesting inner monologue with Gremmy about how no one has ever shown him disrespect or aggression before because they're all so fearful of his power, but now he knows what it's like to want to kill someone...and apparently everyone who ever feels this gets an Unohana expression. No, seriously, look at the face he gets, it's like he orgasmed blood. Anyway, he then summons a shit ton of guns (this part actually made me laugh because it was so sudden) and then goddamn MISSILES to throw at Kenpachi...who's barely harmed and notes Gremmy is starting to have fun. Oh Kenpachi. Gotta say, though, even if we technically haven't gotten anything new power-wise, this part of the fight is still interesting to me because of Gremmy's inner thoughts and outer change in feelings. Not often we get character development on a villain in the middle of battle.

Overall, a decent chapter for me. While we still don't have the name of Kenpachi's Shikai (and honestly, it doesn't really matter at this point, since he seems to be doing fine without any special effects), the two parts of this chapter both shed a little light on two separate Sternritter and their personalities, and the fighting itself wasn't too shabby either.

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