Song to listen to while reading this chapter:

Well now. It's been a while since I've been awake enough for all this, AND there haven't been any edit frenzies.

So we start off with unseated Shinigami (oh right we still have those) noticing Kenpachi's showed up, cheering, and then wondering why they only just sensed him. Interesting. Not sure what implications that has for the effect of The Visionary on him, but interesting. Then, apparently Gremmy can heal his wounds by imagining they never happened or something like that, and then...pure fighting. I'm surprised, to be honest. No huge reveals, just fighting that actually looked and felt interesting. And it seems like Gremmy has to remain focused on his target in order for his mental trickery to continue working on them, as evidenced by Yachiru. Also, Kenpachi's "what's a cookie" line was solid gold.

Anyway, decent enough chapter overall. Like I said, we haven't had this kind of chapter of mostly fighting and no huge reveal in a long time, and it's kind of refreshing.

(Sorry about the shortness, but I gotta get going)

Actually, since I've got some time, some more explanation:

  • I like how trolly Gremmy is being in this fight. First, he throws freaking lava at Kenpachi, then he traps him in water, and THEN he crushes him with the entire platform. All without even moving, or at least not noticeably.
  • "what's a cookie" THAT LINE THOUGH
  • The Visionary doesn't appear to be flawless: judging by how Yachiru is no longer made of cookies, Gremmy needs to focus on his targets in order for the effect to last. I like that. Makes this power much less OP since it means simply distracting Gremmy allows for a counter. Doubt that's gonna bring Kensei and Rose back to life, but who knows.

So yeah, that's my in-depth version of this review.

(Side-note: does anyone else kinda want Rose to come back, go Bankai, and use Ein Heldenleben on Gremmy just so we can see what it does, or is it just me? He couldn't be near death at the time because his Bankai wouldn't activate [at least, judging by what happened with Hihiō Zabimaru during Renji's fight with Byakuya], so I'm not sure how feasible this would be, but I'd still like to see it happen for some reason)

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