It doesn't seem like Bleach is EVER going to come out at a reasonable hour as long as One Piece is still around. Hmm...


As for my predictions for this chapter, I...don't think Guenael is gonna bust out a Vollständig, to be honest. While that may SEEM to be the formula thus far, when you think about it, most of the Sternritter who have activated it during this invasion were in the first invasion, with the exception of Candice (and only the wings popped out with her). Plus, it seems to take a significant amount of training to achieve, so I'd like it if that weren't the go-to response to being outdone. Instead, I'd like it if Guenael either 1. revealed a "Version 4" or something that allowed him to evade the copycat blade, 2. managed to move out of the way this time before even the pre-blade hit and started using Quincy techniques like, say, Heilig Pfeil and Quincy Spells, or 3. ...died. Honestly, sans a Vollständig or hidden prowess in Quincy techniques (which could make sense, given that he's not really a close-range fighter), I think we've gotten all we can out of him by now. However, it seems Kubo is keeping true to the whole "you need a Bankai/to be captain level in order to defeat a Sternritter" thing he set up at the beginning of this arc, and I can respect that, so who knows.

Also, Kubo, PLEASE have Isane use her Shikai proper! I'm really interested in what it might do, and in what fighting skills she might have beyond low-level Kidō. Give her some time to shine, kthx.

See you guys tomorrow, maybe earlier than usual if I can get up in time.

(also no Naruto by now what is this I wanna see 8th Gate Gai)


Song to listen to while reading this chapter:

I don't usually do this, but I think I'm gonna divide this review into Good, Bad, and Mixed because that's how all over the place it was. Let's start with the good.


  • Yachiru's little dance with her Shikai at the beginning. It reminded me that Yachiru still wasn't very serious despite fighting a Sternritter and stuff, and it was cute AND amusing at the same time.
  • Guenael's super-speed ability thingy. As I thought, he had an ability that would allow him to dodge especially fast attacks, though I was wrong about it being "Version 4".
  • Guenael proceeding to die...sort of. See, he was apparently the figment of ANOTHER Sternritter's imagination. And while his character was interesting, I'm glad Kubo didn't throw his established rule of "captain/Bankai or bust" and have Yachiru beat a Sternritter, though I'm sad her fighting time seems to be over for now. Also, dat death frame.
  • The new Sternritter himself is kinda cool. I have a feeling I've seen this whole "imagination" thing SOMEWHERE before, but I can't remember where. Hmm. Anyway, I like the ability, even if it's pretty overpowered based on what we know at the moment, AND that Guremi seems to be pretty serious about his job.


  • "If I imagine the bones in your arm are made of cookies..."


  • The apparent deaths of Rose and Kensei. While they weren't my FAVORITE characters, I agree that they should've been able to go out with more dignity and at full power, being Visored and all...and I REALLY wanted to see what the hell Ein Heldenleben even does. On the other hand, though, it's sort of refreshing to see more deaths that are actually significant (as in happening to captains and not mooks) on the side of the Shinigami, and this proves Guremi is pretty damn serious about his job.
  • Kenpachi showing up. Now, while I like him a lot, I was hoping he'd be waiting for a more powerful Sternritter like, say, Haschwalth or maybe even Colonel Sanders to come out and fight with. Plus, there's that whole "save the damsels in distress" trope that I'm sure will be inevitably brought up, and with good reason; I myself was hoping Isane and Yachiru would be able to do SOMETHING. On the other hand, though, this confirms that he is not, in fact, dead like some people may have thought, and also increases the probability that he has NOT achieved Bankai through use of the Tenshintai, since that takes 3 days and Kenpachi doesn't have the advanced growth rate that Ichigo does.

Overall, though, a polarizing chapter if nothing else. It's good to see Kubo willing to take risks and start killing captains again instead of having Sternritter keep dying like it's nothing, but again, Kenpachi showing up now of all time is...I dunno how to feel about it.

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