Seriously, Mangapanda? You can release Naruto at 10 pm, but take 5 more hours to push out Bleach? Ya killing me.

For this chapter, I'm predicting we'll see Isane and/or Yachiru's Shikai in action for the first time. I doubt either of them will whip out a Bankai, but I have a strange feeling that their Shikai working in conjunction will be able to combat Guenael/Gwenhael/John. Also, I don't think Kenpachi's gonna show up and one-shot this Sternritter, I think this is Yachiru's time to shine. Oh, and for those who haven't read Cnet's translation of the previous chapter: Yachiru didn't say "Ken-chan isn't coming back", she said "Ken-chan hasn't returned yet", which I think implies he's still in Muken for some reason. Just throwing that out there.

Anyway, usual routine because school. See you guys hours from now.


*falls out of chair*


And now for an actual review!

Song to listen to while reading this chapter:

First off, we've got an interesting explanation of Guenael's (I am never going to get used to writing that name) abilities; rather than simply being able to vanish from consciousness and reality in one go, he has three different forms, one for each of those abilities and one that combines the other two. It's certainly more layered than the straightforward Silence ability we all thought he had before, although I personally can't see why he wouldn't just always use the 3rd ability. Also, I do like that he talked about his abilities to himself instead of to Isane and Yachiru, which is a refreshing change of pace from "here are my epithet abilities so you can counter them". Speaking of countering...

YE GODS YACHIRU'S SWORD. Firstly, her slowly getting and unsheathing her Zanpakutō was kinda creepy in her own right, as was her mentioning a "rustle" with that smile on her face, but turns out that I was right about us seeing what appears to be her Shikai, which essentially gives her a pre- and post-strike along with her usual attacks. I definitely did not see that coming as her Shikai (maybe?) ability. Also, I've noticed a lot of people saying that it's basically another Tenken, and I'd simply like to point out that Tenken is simply one powerful strike with a long range while this is 3 attacks per attack by Yachiru, and makes it harder for the opponent to dodge her strikes. Just throwing that out there.

Anyway, certainly an interesting chapter if nothing else. It seems Yachiru will FINALLY get her chance to fight and we'll get to see what she's REALLY capable of in battle, what with her strength having been hinted at so many times by now. Also, I have the strangest feeling Guenael will either turn out to have a 4th technique, or will go Vollständig like all the others. However, I'd rather he not do the latter, in this case; it seems like said technique does take a significant amount of training to achieve (Candice apparently only achieved hers recently) and I'd prefer it if every freaking Sternritter didn't have it, and instead used other abilities to turn the fight in their favor.

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