Mangapanda seems to be ESPECIALLY late in delivering this week's Big 3 (it's already almost 11:30 pm over here), and even though I had resolved to stay up for this very special episode chapter of Bleach, 'Nuff said.

However, I'm still coherent enough to theorize what Hakka no Togame is gonna do. Cnet rendered it as "White Mist Punishment", and "Mist" and "Punishment" seem to be present in pretty much every rendering I've seen thus far, though usually in the forms of synonyms, so let's use that as a starting base. I'm gonna guess that Hakka no Togame floods the area with bone-chilling mist that induces some sort of cold-related "punishment" upon its victims, e.g. freezing them solid (FOR REAL THIS TIME), or giving them frostbite, or something to that effect. Who knows, though. I'm also at least hoping that we'll get some form of explanation or powers for As's parade balloon Titan transformation before he bites the dust (FOR REAL THIS TIME).

For something to tide you over while you wait, there's something that's been kinda bugging me ever since this second invasion started and Sternritter started dying en masse: does it seem like missed potential to any of you guys that each Sternritter gets 5-odd chapters showcasing their epithet, power, and Vollständig, and then they die? I wasn't around for the Arrancar arc, but I know that the main villains there, aka the Espada, got a lot more screentime and exposition on their personalities, history, so on and so forth (at least the higher-ups); we're talking like 10-15 chapters on average, I think. However, I'm also aware that said arc felt very prolonged in terms of fighting and such, and I can sorta understand that. So, do you guys think that the 5 chapters are enough for each Ritter, or do you think they deserve a bit more and shouldn't auto-lose their title fight every time?

Also, I don't usually do this in advance of a chapter, but I have a particular feeling about what Hakka no Togame is gonna do, and since it's gonna be the focus of the chapter, I feel safe doing this beforehand. Without further ado...

Song to listen to while reading this chapter:

Well, I certainly wasn't expecting THAT.

So first, we got some actual BACKSTORY for As Nodt. Yeah, I'm as surprised as you are. It seems he was the survivor of some deadly incident that left him on life support, and he was afraid of dying and going to Hell. Then Yhwach showed up and gave him power. Kinda makes me feel some sympathy for the guy.

Then, we see that is finally dead with the top half of his head cut off (it's k cause he's frozen solid), and we see Rukia's way off from what I predicted. It does, however, look AWESOME. Also, it seems that much like her Shikai, it is very dangerous to use. That's certainly new for a Zanpakutō in the series. Also, Byakuya being kind and brotherly was nice to see.

And then, surprisingly, we cut back to Isane and Yachiru of all people, with Isane still healing Rose and Kensei, and Yachiru gathering supplies by literally running up to them, getting them, and running away. Oh, that Yachiru. And finally, it seems we've got a new Sternritter: "V" Guenael (that's certainly a strange name) of "The Vanishing Point", wherein he'll disappear from everyone's minds and stuff. Interesting ability, reminds me a bit's on the tip of my tongue, but I can't out a name to it. Oh well.

Anyhow, good chapter again. We got some actual backstory for a Ritter, we sorta figured out what Hakka no Togame does, and we got another Sternritter...who is suitably creepy. Oh, and it seems like this is going to be the fight for Yachiru that Kubo was hinting at, AND maybe, just maybe, we'll finally figure out what Itegumo does. Fun times.

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