So, according to Udarsha, 565 will be out at roughly 1:30 AM for me. Now, I'm willing to stay up late to add information from a new chapter, but not till 1:30 on a school night. So, I'll leave this up again so you guys can discuss the chapter, and when I get back I'll make a legit review. Hopefully, Mangapanda will stop being lazy so this doesn't have to become a routine.

Until then, I leave you with sexytiems Izuru:

243Izuru grins

ey guuuuurl

UPDATE: Now for the actual review:

I eched SO hard.

Kubo, by god you've done it again. I'm sure we all thought Yhwach just wanted revenge against the Shinigami, and that made a little sense, but waging war just to keep himself alive? Holy crap, that is SO much more insidious than I thought was possible in a shōnen, or any category of manga for that matter. The fact that he literally named himself after God is a nice touch as well. Also, the power-sharing aspect makes a lot more sense now; I had been wondering how he could just give people powers like that. The best (and saddest) part, however, is that Yhwach feels so...tragic to me now. Sure, his motivations are entirely selfish, but who wants to be a near-comatose shell of a human when you could just take others' lives instead? Dammit Kubo, stop playing with my feelings.

Anyhow, short review aside, absolutely wonderful chapter. It's a great way to continue after that 5-chapter long period of fighting, and ye gods did Kubo make things much more interesting.

Also, I legitimately though the opening narration was talking about James. I am not even kidding.

And yes, Izuru is staying up there because that is what this chapter makes me FEEL.

(song to listen to while reading this chapter: )

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