Just putting this up now in case I decide to fall asleep before the chapter comes out. I'll make it a legit review later.

Song to listen to while reading this chapter:

So...gaht damn, Kubo, you've done it again.

So first, we've got Mask being a pretty heartless bastard. I had thought the Jameses were just watching as Mask fired his Star Flash Supernova, but apparently they were engulfed in the attack, and Mask doesn't even care because they'll come back. Certainly supports the theory that James is made from Mask's Reiryoku or somesuch.

And then we get to my personal favorite part of the chapter: Ichibei has created the name for EVERYTHING. Apparently, he can see the true names of things by looking at them. I really, really like that "Eyeball Monk" doesn't mean he can just see into people's hearts or something, and is instead more along the lines of the true name thing from Eragon and, to an extent, the Merlin series. Very nice.

And, of course, Renji's new Bankai, Sōō Zabimaru. Gotta say, I'm thankful that Sal's theory of "Renji gets a new Bankai because his Zanpakutō was reforged" was only half correct, because there wasn't anything wrong with it when compared to Zangetsu. Instead, Zabimaru wasn't fully supportive of Renji, and this was actually shown in the Zanpakutō filler arc. Hence, he has a "true" Bankai now, and it's pretty awesome. Long-range attacks, a pretty powerful shield, and a freaking awesome fire attack round it out quite nicely. Oh, and Mask died. Quite graphically, too. Gotta say, for all the crap people were giving him for no good reason, I liked Mask for the unabashed hamminess he brought to the series. He will be missed. Probably only by me, though.

Anyway, to sum up this chapter completely:

Renji's new Bankai and Ichibei's power:

Seeing the recent changes section:

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