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Seriously? A chapter on Christmas Day? I was thinking this was the start of the two-week Jump break because, well, it's Christmas than there was nothing on Mangapanda at midnight, but nooooo.

Anyhow, onto the summary. Turns out, Mask STILL isn't down for the count because somehow James is still alive and has multiplied. Gonna agree with Mohrpheus here, something's DEFINITELY up with James. No way in hell is he human. Also, the concept of Mask having a more powerful form that gives him new clothing is kind of interesting. Almost like he were a wrestler Pokemon or something. Anyway, the most surprising part of this chapter is that Mask actually turned the tables, even if temporarily. I always thought this would be a curbstomp battle in Renji's favor, but no, this happened. We got a hell of a lot more techniques out of Mask, that's for sure. Also, his Quincy: Vollständig, or what appears to be it, is absolute perfection. Applause, Kubo, applause. That cape and wings. Oh, and Renji has a new sword of some sort. I had thought that the reforging at Nimaiya's palace only meant he would get Zabimaru reforged and maybe learn a new technique or two, since he, unlike Ichigo, didn't have a whole 'nother Zanpakutō to gain because of Quincy shenanigans, but I suppose we'll see.

Overall, another good chapter, at least to me. I know roughly half of you will be all "DAMMIT KUBO WHY WON'T YOU DO EXACTLY WHAT I WANT" and that's fine, but I still like the chapter, even if I'm a bit annoyed at how it came out today.

Je espére vous étes un Noël très joyeux.

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