Song to listen to while reading this chapter:

Oh my god this chapter is incredible

So firstly, we pick up where we left off last chapter. Looks like Rukia and Renji didn't land near Mask, so he wants to go confront them because - wouldn't you know it - he wants attention. Wow. Social commentary right there. Anywho, he gets confronted by Kensei of all people, who protects Hisagi from being curbstomped after being clotheslined (sheesh), and then Rose - who the hell saw that coming - shows up as well. And THEN Kensei activates his Bankai - okay what the hell Kubo, this much unexpected stuff is NOT OKAY - and proceeds to beat the everloving Jiminy Christmas out of poor Mask. And wouldn't you know it, we ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT TEKKEN TACHIKAZE DOES NOW. Only took 150+ chapters, but apparently Kensei can blow stuff up by punching it.

...okay, that's pretty damn cool.

But then we get to my absolute favorite part of the chapter. As it turns out, James is more than Mask's personal bell-ringer: he acts as a source of power for Mask's epithet: The Superstar which allowed him to Hulk the FUCK out and punch Kensei into a building. Yeah, how many of you saw THAT coming, huh? Don't bring your "The Strength" BS round here no more, we've got a clear winner. Despite Sal's opinion of it being the stupidest thing since George W. Bush, this turn of events is the funniest thing I've seen in Bleach in a long, long time, and I duly applaud Kubo for doing it. Sure, this gives Mask an incredibly lame power source, but you know what it also gives him?

The potential to be THE BIGGEST HAM EVER.

Overall, another great chapter in my opinion. So very many unexpected things happened, AND we answered another big question. Keep the good times rolling, Kubo.

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