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I'll make a full review when I get home, but know this: I thought this chapter was AWESOME. And now for the REAL review!

So we're back in the Soul King Palace after a good 9 chapters, and Ichigo's got a new outfit, which I like. It looks kind of like something he would wear in one of the AladdinArabian Nights filler episodes, but I like the change of style, and I find it interesting that he's wearing one sword on his back and the other at his waist - the latter of which he has NEVER DONE before. It's certainly different from what one would expect, and it's cool.

Now we know how Ichigo is getting down to SS: walking. It makes sense that the Royal Guard doesn't use the Tenchuren every time they go down to Soul Society, and Kirinji's flat statement of "We're walking" was funny in an odd way. And here's the second part of the chapter that I like: Ichigo gets some damn good character development. He's no longer the type to freak out over every little thing: he's mature and thoughtful now. A far cry from the Ichigo of every preceding arc, no? Again, damn good character development on Kubo's part. Also, Ichigo can apparently Shunpo faster than the speed of sound, so that's a thing.

Also, Hikifune is somehow fat again already. Sweet Jiminy Christmas that was fast.

And back in Soul Society, we get a look at Bambietta's Quincy: Vollständig, and it looks fairly straightforward so far. Also, Candice seems to hint that the Vollständig were activated by someone or something else, since she didn't activate hers on purpose, and Giselle seems to hint that not all Sternritter can use Vollständig, both of which are interesting. On top of this, it seems Bambietta will be powerful enough to end this fight in a second. I'm guessing her explosions go nuclear now.

Anyhow, that's the belated review. Really good character development and clothing change with Ichigo and some interesting Vollständig stuff in SS, so a very good chapter overall.

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