Song to listen to while reading this chapter:

So, first we've got a bit more of Bazz-B, who is, as expected, disappointed by Cang Du's defeat. I'm guessing Cang Du is just dead now, since the chapter refers to the ice cross as his gravestone. Also, we get some more of Hitsugaya, and this is what interests me. He's supposed to have completed his Bankai, yet the three ice lotuses are still floating behind him. I'm not sure if this was Kubo forgetting the completion or something else entirely, but we'll see. Also, BG9 fans, sorry: half of his mask has been blown off, I think he's dead too.

Then, we finally get some more with Yhwach and Uryū, although it isn't much at first. And then we go back to Bambietta, who is expressing disappointment at the Shinigami for freaking out so much. We'll see what she means in a bit. And then she freaks out, and I'm guessing the resulting explosion and her talk of leveling the place is related to her epithet. But then, we finally get to see Komamura again, and rather than being super-big, as everyone expected, he's rocking some badass armor. And then. surprisingly, we have Shinji, whose Zanpakutō I rather like, trolling the living daylights out of Bambietta with his Shikai.

But then comes the twist of the chapter: Yhwach knew the Shinigami would find a way to regain their Bankai, and then every Sternritter in Soul Society ACTIVATES THEIR Quincy: Vollständig. Yeah, holy crap. I'm also interested by how Bambietta stated they couldn't use it while they had the Bankai. And then we've finally gotten contact with Ichigo in the Royal Palace, who knows where that'll lead.

Anyhow, I really do like this chapter. We've gotten Komamura and Shinji back, and the Sternritter just went double or nothing.

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