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So first we've got some more between Hitsugaya and Cang Du. Now, first off I like that the Shi'neikayu wasn't an instakill in the Sternritter - it just causes them to start losing their Bankai. Speaking of which, Hitsugaya started regaining his at the same time, and while Bankai regaining was expected, Kubo made it kinda cool by making it slow, namely with Hitsugaya getting only one wing back at first.

553Hollowfied Hyorinmaru

Then we finally go back to Suì-Fēng and BG9, and this may just be my favorite part of the chapter. So I think we all know at this point that BG9's some kind of robot: that particular frame with him pretty much proves it. Also, I like how Ōmaeda just came up and gave Suì-Fēng the Shi'neikayu - I believe some were theorizing he had a Bankai because it appeared near him, but he just needed to bring it to Suì-Fēng. And of course, Suì-Fēng FINALLY activating and using her Bankai proper this time was pretty awesome, especially sing BG9 couldn't do anything about it. I also really liked the little trust moment between Suì-Fēng and Ōmaeda, quite needed after the last few chapters. I doubt we've seen the last of BG9, but we'll see.

And then we go back to Hitsugaya and Cang Du, and hoo boy. I do like that they were essentially fighting with half of the same Bankai apiece, but I also like how Hitsugaya proved he knows full well ow to use his Bankai properly. That bit about a Bankai having a soul was interesting to me, since there's that whole unresolved issue of Tensa Zangetsu's spirit form, and I do like Cang Du's "Pantheism is not for me". However, what I REALLY like about this chapter is the appearance of Hitsugaya's Bankai when he gets it back - I'm guessing that's what his completed Bankai looks like, and it's AWESOME. And, finally, Cang Du seemingly gets defeated in quite a fashion, but like with BG9, I don't think we've seen the last of him - we've no idea what his epithet is (The Krieg, perhaps?)

Anyhow, I liked this chapter quite a bit. We finally get what appears to be a resolution to the two fights going on, and we got quite a few awesome moments along the way.