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Okay, so I really like this chapter, for quite a few reasons.

So, first off, we've got so more of Hitsugaya and Cang Du, who turns out to be "The Iron". Not sure what that entails, but hey, it's Kubo. Additionally, I like how Kubo made him more than just some silent guy: his few lines have established an interesting motto and personality, at least to me. On top of that, defeating Rangiku and just casually throwing her next to Hitsugaya is pretty damn evil.

Then, of course, we have more on good ol' Urahara, and this is the part of the chapter I really like. See, we've never really touched on Resurrección since the Arrancar arc, and bringing it back into the equation to explain Urahara's discovery is, in my opinion, genius. It also makes sense, when you think about it, which is also great. Also, I like Mayuri's extreme stubbornness in refusing to let Urahara explain himself because he did something without his permission, only for Urahara to show up immediately afterwards anyway. Quite amusing, bravo, etc. And, for the fangirls, we have a one-frame reference shot of Ulquiorra, hoorah for that group.

Anyhow, I, as stated before, really like this chapter, because rather than pull something completely out of his ass, Kubo made Urahara's explanation of Bankai retrieval logical and intelligent, and finally brought the Resurrección that seemed to have been completely forgotten back into the mix. Good show.

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