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So we get to see a bit more of Shunsui and Haschwalth. It was kind of funny to see Haschwalth confused for once, and I was legitimately surprised to see Nanao's Kidō skill being mentioned in the manga - it was only mentioned in a databook prior, if I recall correctly. Anyhow, fairly standard stuff with Haschwalth saying the captains will be executed, but I like that kind of stuff.

Then there's more of Hitsugaya vs. Bazz-B, which I found to be quite entertaining. Hitsugaya's still using his mind in the fight, and it was nice to see the new technique, even if it was negated by Bazz-B's next Burner Finger - wonder how many of those he has waiting. The Burner Stomp was also cool, at least to me - kind of like how Alex Mercer can send things flying away by stomping the ground. Burner Finger 2 being a nuke was kinda awesome as well. And, surprisingly enough, Cang Du is here, and he's actually talking for the first time. As it turns out, the Sternritter agreed to fight those whose Bankai they stole. I recall people wondering why Hitsugaya wasn't fighting Cang Du, and now you know.

And we've got more Mayuri, who said one of the most off-handedly arrogant things I've ever heard - "I'm the only one who can win without Bankai" - and I love it. And, of course, Urahara's discovered a way to regain one's Bankai. No surprise here. Still makes sense. I'd like it if it wasn't a permanent regaining, though, just to make things interesting.

Anyhow, great chapter overall. We got to see more of Haschwalth and Shunsui, Bazz-B was pretty cool, and the plot point that everyone was expecting has arrived.

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