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So, we finally got a bit more on the "fight" between Vaar and Mayuri, and I found it interesting, especially the shift in Vaar's attitude. It was amusing to see him ask Mayuri if he was going to follow him and Mayuri letting him go willingly. However, what's more interesting is Mayuri's mention of a "space". I'm not sure what this is hinting at, but i'm sure it'll be interesting.

As for the Sternritter in general, turns out they have combat uniforms of some sort, and I really like BG9's - reminds me of a military commando and furthers his Terminator theme. On top of that, it was blatantly hinted that he is some sort of robot - "Are you a robot?" and "I have never breathed." I do like that Kubo isn't making the Sternritter go down so easily like, say, the Fraccion. I also find it intriguing that BG9 only has one light behind that mask.

As for Bazz-B, well, damn. His flames are as powerful as Yamamoto's, and he only needs one finger to use Byak-I mean shoot a pillar of fire, which happens to be a completely separate technique. And as it was in Kenpachi vs. Nnoitra, the tables have turned once more for the combatants - Bazz-B's combat armor is also cool, by the way, - and I'm interested to see where this is headed.

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