And we're back. We're back? We're back. Are we back? We're so back.

Okay, first off, I just wanna say that is a beautiful color page, even if it takes liberties with established colors.

So, it was interesting to see how everyone was reacting to the Seireitei vanishing. While it ended up being "holy shit what's going on", that's justifiable.

And then we get to the big part of the chapter. The Wandenreich were actually in the shadows of Soul Society the entire time. I believe I had seen that theorized before, but damn does it make sense, what with the explanation about the nigh-unlimited Reishi. Also, Haschwalth is the "Grand Master" is the Stern Ritter, which is interesting. And, of course, there's Mayuri and his absolutely fabulous new clothes, which I'm guessing is what he was working on in his lab and not Tōsen. It's nice to see a little more of Bazz-B and Nakk Le Vaar (I'm hoping I'm spelling this right), and we got a back shot of Ukitake in the bath. Dat back. And, of course, the ending twist - Hitsugaya has blocked a blast of fire (from Bazz-B?) with ice. Now, I'm guessing that was using his Shikai, what with the steam rising from his blade, but it would be interesting if he used Kidō. Oh well, I suppose we'll see next chapter.

All in all, I think Kubo definitely lives up to our expectations with this comeback chapter. That was a well-executed twist with the Wandenreich, and it reminded me somewhat of Aizen's twist in the SS arc, where it was hinted at but never outright stated. On top of that, he gave us that one panel with Ichigo and his two new blades, but opted to focus on everyone else, and I appreciate that a lot, especially since shōnen characters, Ichigo in particular, often overshadow everyone else, and I'm hoping Kubo has realized this.

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