And now we have a hiatus. Darn.

So we finally learn what Shunsui has to tell Ichigo's friends - he may grow too powerful to remain in the Human World, a theory which many of you formulated on the last blog. Now that it's on paper, it makes sense to me - Ichigo is nowhere near able to control his own power, and now that he's got access to the full power of his Zanpakutō, which was ridiculous the last time it occurred - yeah, he may be just a smidge too powerful. Thankfully, his friends get it, though Keigo commenting on Shunsui's haori seem like Kubo teasing us about his promise to reveal its past. Also, soul tickets sound like an invitation to a James Brown concert.

Meanwhile, in Hueco Mundo, Orihime still wants peace, which has become apparent through the story but reminds me of the halcyon days bit from way back in the Arrancar arc. Also, she and Sado are apparently training, which wasn't readily obvious from a chapter or two ago. Still good to know they'll at least be trying to help in the upcoming fight.

And finally, the invasion has begun anew. The Vandenreich has somehow transported the Seireitei to the moon/the underside of the bed/wherever their base is with those shadows. Still not sure why there was a giant dome around the Seireitei, since I don't recall the river being polluted by pig manure, but oh well. And we now know the full prophecy: after Yhwach regains his heart, intellect, and power, he will regain the world 9 days later. Next thing you know, his death will last for 9 seconds because it was FORETOLD IN THE PROPHECY

Also, he wants to destroy the world. Dis guy be crazy.

Anyhow, a fairly good chapter overall. We know what Shunsui's reasoning is now, and we're finally advancing the Vandenreich plot forward a bit. Sorry if the review is a bit lackluster, but I'm somewhat tired typing this at 1:30 AM, so I'm gonna sleep now zzzzzzz sawing logs sawing logs