Well, this chapter being released today caught me off guard, but okay.

So we got to see the Kurosaki household after Ichigo's departure, which I think is a nice touch considering Kubo could've just ignored them for quite a while, and for some reason, Ikumi is there playing video games. Ooooookay. Also, Yuzu, and logically Karin, believe Ichigo's at a training camp. Seems no one knows the truth...yet.

We finally get to see Renji and Rukia again after, what, 30 chapters? Apparently, they've already been to Senjumaru's palace, and she...took their measurements? I'm somewhat confused as to why, but I'm sure it'll be explained in due time, and Renji acting traumatized by the experience was amusing. Also, he can only remember Kirinji by his hair. Speaking of which Byakuya has finally recovered, and seems to realize his weakened state. Gasp, humility. Anyway, Renji and Rukia are training at the next palace, which belongs to...Ichibei Hyōsube, the Eyeball Monk, aka Ōsho. Finally, we have his real name and title.

And wouldn't you know it, we actually returned to the Visored. As it turns out, that hole Hiyori saw was a distortion between the Human World and Soul Society. I honestly wasn't expecting him to remember to come back here, but if he can do that, maybe he can give some closure on Izuru. Just some wishful thinking. Anyway, Hiyori and the other Visored still in the Human World have been contracted by Soul Society, namely Shinji, to fix the distortion with...paint rollers? Oh lawd.

And finally, we actually see Ichigo's friends again, and they don't know where he's gone either, though they're guessing it's related to Soul Society. Shunsui of all people turns up, and apparently they know his rank. He has something to tell them about the true nature of Ichigo's departure, though I can't say for certain that it's just about where he is. We'll have to wait and see.

Overall, a surprisingly good chapter. Kubo went back and explained some things, i.e. the Visored, and revealed others, namely the reactions of Ichigo's friends and family and Ōsho's real name and title. Good job.

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