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So Yhwach has named Uryū as his successor because he is the last living Quincy. Now,I'm not sure if that last part is due to a mistranslation, but if it's accurate, then something's up with the Sternritter. It would explain why there are suddenly a ton of Quincy that no one knew about prior. Also, apparently no one saw this coming. I sense some sort of throne rivalry in store here.

So we've got names for a bunch of the Sternritter now, which is a good thing, since we don't have to refer to them with names such as "The Luchadore guy" any longer. However, he still hasn't named the guy who fought Shunsui DAMMIT KUBO. Also, Haschwalth's got a first name, and he's Sternritter B. Very fitting. It seem Bazz-B or Buzzbee or whatever will be playing a slightly more important role than I thought, since he obviously wants the throne for himself. Seems kind of like the Sternritter equivalent of Grimmjow. We'll have to wait and see what that entails. Also, this Nakk le Vaar is a very odd person.

And finally, Yhwach has empowered Uryū and formally given him the title of next emperor. Apparently, this process has something to do with sacred manuscripts, so that'll be interesting. Also, Uryū's gonna be fighting in the upcoming battles, so maybe this will be the arc where a sidekick gets screen time. And wouldn't you know it, Yhwach's got the letter A. Was expecting some sort of random special letter like the omega symbol, but this works too.

All in all, a very informative chapter, if nothing else. We got a bunch of names for the Sternritter, learned what Yhwach has in store for Uryū, and got some exposition on him as well.

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