Well damn, Kubo sure pulled a fast one on us.

So Isshin went back to the Human World to see Masaki, Ryūken and the aunt are fine, Katagiri told the aunt about Masaki's fight with White, and Urahara intends to help cure Masaki. That's all well and good, but I want to get to the big part of the chapter.

White wounding Masaki somehow infected the latter with some sort of virus. Now, I don't intend to get into White being the basis for Hollow Ichigo and Ichigo's Fullbring because that's a scary place to go, but Kubo has opened the speculation floodgates with this chapter. Giving Masaki a Hollow hole is...well, even Lemurs didn't predict that one, so it is the definition of unexpected. Now we know how Isshin and Ryūken met each other, which proves this is definitely Masaki's arc - everything seems to be revolving around her in one way or another, and I'm very interested to see where Kubo's gonna go with this.

Once again, very good chapter: we haven't had a new plot point introduced like this in a long time. I apologize for the review being much shorter than usual, but Masaki's infection and whatnot was the big part of the chapter, and I've said everything I have to say on it right now. Now if you'll excuse me, even more details need to be added to the fight.

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