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Bleach Wiki Podcast - Chapters 607 & 608 (because we're cool like that)

Xilinoc December 6, 2014 User blog:Xilinoc

We're back with another podcast after last week's break due to Thanksgiving. Since we're not the type of people to leave stones unturned and topics undiscussed, we've covered both last week's and this week's chapters at the same time! Yay!

Bleach Chapters 607 and 608 review - Bleach Wiki56:05

Bleach Chapters 607 and 608 review - Bleach Wiki

In terms of content, this time Sal's got a wonderful analysis of Ichibei and his powers, as well as what Yhwach really is based on his techniques and such. Also, Don Kanonji is the secret Royal Guard. Nothing has ever been more canonical than that.

As always, feel free to suggest any improvements you'd like us to consider making and/or topics you'd like us to discuss, and we'll try to include them in future podcasts.

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