The Final Getsuga Tenshou?

The wording and how it has been used has kinda thrown me off and i kinda wanted some opinions

The way it has been used and worded seems to make it not really a attack but more of a attack style,

Isshin's looked very diffrent from ichigos and seemed to be many times more powerful, and not even in shikai?

Isshin seems to have a much greater knowledge of it so it cant just be a attack can it?

We know there are diffrent kinds but is it more of a style of attack, have your sword eat your rieatsu and then amplifiy it? i mean it seems it can be used in many diffrent forms so why not be a attack style

he has stabbed the ground as used it, used it kind of like a cero, used it as a energy wave, and more, it has been used many ways.

It seems like Isshins much greater knowledge of it may mean he made the style of attack or just kind of discovered it,

or to please some of you Royal guard fans out there, a style of attack for Royal guards.

So it seems Getsuga Tenshou is a attack style so i guess we may see a few rare people using it in the future, any opinions?

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