• Way2manybeer

    Ok, this is my first time to ever do this so here goes. I've read multiple translations of the manga and have come to the question of, who is left on the "bad" side to possibly challenge the "good" side. Here's the reason I ask, 5 special war potentials are said to be out there. Now, was it specified that they were Shinigami? Or was it just said that the opposing side had five of them? Because if the latter is the case then that could mean many different things. SS shini's, Karakura town's hero's (isshin, yorouichi, urahara, tessai etc...) then you have the soul king's ppl. and can even throw in Nel and Grimmjow (yes it's him ). Then you have a few Viz that didn't go back to SS as well. You have many that have new bankai's or are achieving…

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