Okay so despite the childish title I actually have some interesting points to bring up. And also one funny one. the last chapter made a connection between Zangetsu and Yhwach suggesting that they are possibly linked. I'm not speculating but i think it may be possible that Yhwach being the father quincy passed down his own spirit energy into his children and thus all quincy (this idea should be credited to Xilinoc). And making it possible that the manifestation of Zangetsu appears similar to Yhwach for this reason. it was stated that Zangetsu is the manifestation of Ichigo's quincy powers and now that that has been revealed I've noticed some very compelling hints that I feel stupid for not seeing before. First, Ichigo's signature getsuga tensho (in shikai) is comparable to a holy arrow fired by quincy but simply on a much more destructive scale. Secondly, the wardrobe, appearance, and generally everything about quincy is slim form-fitting shapes. ichigo's bankai is one the few that becomes smaller than the shikai. I understand that one may be a stretch but this one isn't. His bankai's hilt is a swastika..... and the quincy's have a German motif. I honestly laughed when I noticed that one. So to wrap this up. i did my best to avoid speculation. Everyone who comments should do the same, but please share anything you've noticed tying Zangetsu to quincy. Enjoy :D

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