• Uraharattack

    Pernida -- A Theory

    August 7, 2015 by Uraharattack

    Just a theory about what pernida actually is. I haven't heard anyone else suggest this yet, so I want to put the idea out there.

    I do NOT believe the left arm of the soul king is evil/a quincy/or actually Pernida. I think the actual body of Pernida is a ball of nerves. It may be a logical jump that the quincies captured the left arm of the soul king, and that Pernida used the compulsory to take control of it.

    Short story is, I think the left arm is a neutral player, and a captive of Pernida, who may be able to switch between hosts.

    This could make for a fun plot point if pernida were to attempt or even succeed to invade Kurotsuchi.

    Any Thoughs?

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  • Uraharattack

    Jushiro Ukitake.... I think he could be a quincy. now just hear me out. He's always been sickly - I think this could be related to surviving aushwallen (I spelled that wrong, sorry). The shadow thing that appeared behind him a few chapters ago - that seemed very quincy-ish to me. The nature of his sword is reminiscent of quincy and their ability to utilize their environment. Do you see what I'm saying there? They quincy fight by taking and giving. Ukitake fights by taking and giving enemy attacks. Maybe it's a bit of stretch, idk. Do you all remember the "spoilers" for this arc? it was stated that ukitake will get better. I'm thinking his sickness goes away upon yhwach's defeat or something along that line. I do have one criticism in my o…

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  • Uraharattack

    Long Long Ago....

    October 25, 2013 by Uraharattack

    So before I begin, I would like to acknowledge that this will probably be deleted very quickly.

    Long ago in a distant land, there existed the Clowncy. All the Clowncy worked at their local farmers' market. Their biggest competitor was the local drug store, Healtho Mucho. The workers of Healtho Mucho were known as Healthos. Ever since the two market places opened, the stores have been engaged in a long and troublesome food fight. Any worker on either side struck by the food of the other side would be "fired". And so it went on for generations. Heltho Mucho and the Farmers' Market having their bitter dispute. Workers came and workers left.

    But everything changed when the Stop&Shopeitei came to town. The Manager of the Stop&Shopeitei, Mr. Moto…

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  • Uraharattack

    If I remember correctly.... in the anime, when it showed Starrk meeting Aizen for the first time, he appeared to already be an arrancar. his face and mask both looked the same and the only difference was his attire, which was that dusty brown cloak. If this is the case.... I think Starrk is the only hollow we've seen who is capable of becoming an arrancar out of their own power.

    I may be remembering this wrong but I'm pretty sure I'm not.

    As always, comments are welcomed.

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  • Uraharattack

    We know that Sado and Orihime's group have met up with at least one companion while in Hueco Mundo, but it still unclear who this person is.

    I would like to remind everyone of the possibilities.

    First some espada.

    We know Harribel is alive but currently chained up.

    Her fraccion are alive though I'm not quite sure what happened after Quilge's attack.

    Everyone knows Grimmjow is alive and everyone wants the mysterious stranger to be him. I'm not gonna lie, it probably is, but there is one option that everyone forgets.

    Gantenbainne Mosqueda!!! My favorite privion. Everyone seems to forget that he is alive. yes, he's alive. Unohana healed him after his fight with sado and the exequias did not get the chance to finish him off. He's very strong and som…

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