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Signed Copy of Vol 1: Death and Strawberry

This is not very Bleach oriented, but I really wanted to share it... It's very important to me. You all are going to think I'm nuts, I even do, lol!

On Sunday the 16th my new little baby cousin named Alexander (Everyone calls him Alex, I call him Alec) was baptised. So for a gift I gave him a stuffed animal Psyduck Pokemon and I gave him something very important to me, I gave him an copy of Bleach Vol. 1 (1st ed. english copy) signed by both Tite Kubo and Wendee Lee. I had 2 copies signed when I was in japan and one of them had Wendee's signature that a friend gave to me years ago (I kept the signed japanese vol).

I was so excited I just had to share, I have another baby cousin, yeah!!! I'm going to start him young; I'm going to read manga and watch anime with him. Then hopefully in a couple years I'll take him and my siblings to Japan (it would be my 7th time!). Hopefully by then he'll be reading and watching manga/anime on his own!

Please tell me if you think I'm a genorous loving cousin or an fool/idiot for giving away something so valuable and so cool. UraharaHitsugaya 01:52, May 20, 2010 (UTC)

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