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  • Umishiru

    I'm sorry but Aizen's new transformation looks like a Resurreccion release form of his previous form. It even comes with a hollow mask. Aizen can now stfu about not being hollowfied. On a side note, I like that circle cero he was going to use on Ichigo. It seems despite being the hogyoku's "Master" he doesn't seem to control when he transforms or what he transforms into in terms of looks. Aizen seems to be getting more and more unlike himself in terms of personality. I miss the old Aizen. Looks like we won't be getting a bankai from him. Which begs the point, did he even have a bankai in the first place, with his Complete Hypnosis he could easily fool the others int o thinking he has one. I know others are gonna say he "mastered" the Fou…

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  • Umishiru

    About time Adult Swim comes out with more newly dubbed episodes of Bleach. So were are getting into the Bakkoto arc.

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