Below are the list of sites on the hit list, including MangaPanda and Mangastream.

15 major anime production companies and manga publisher collaborate with the Japanese government will start huge operation nest month against foreign sites which have illegally uploaded anime and manga contents on the web without the copyright holders' permission. It will start on 1st of August, the government will start simultaneously sending requests to delete illegal anime and manga contents to the operators of the pirate sites which they have found. Furthermore, the operation will launch a new site to guide the fans to a legitimate site offering some 250 titles including the latest ones at a cost of several hundred yen.

New site from a coalition of publishing companies of manga and anime launched with support from western english backers (Viz, Kodansha, Crunchyroll, Hulu) to educate and raise awareness of legal alternatives to piracy.

Regrettably, according to a report of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) of Japan, a huge number of Manga and Anime fans, over 50% of them in U.S. and 12% in Japan, are watching or reading pirated works.

The estimated cost of damage from online piracy is as much as JPY 2 trillion (approximately US$ 20 billion).

Beside, a report of Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan indicates that in major cities of China (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Chongqing) the damage cost to Japanese contents is JPY 560 billion (approximately US$ 5.6 billion) per year.

In the ranking by an information distribution survey site, for example, a popular piracy site is ranked 156th in Japan and 1391th in the world, which is similar rank with major listed companies on a stock firm in Japan.

Another example of showing you the serious situation of piracy is the number of illegal downloads of a popular Manga series from the piracy site: 41,363DLs for volume 67, 39,623DLs for volume 68, and 31,924DLs for volume 69.

Piracy offending in Anime has been also serious. Pirated video of a popular feature-length Anime has over 12 million views on a well-known video hosting site, which should have brought in a lot of illicit profits to the “pirate” from advertisement space.

Up until a decade ago, some “pirates” used to illegally upload the latest Manga/Anime just because they wanted to get attention online. Others loved Manga and Anime so much that they translated scripts and captioned on the screen for their own satisfaction. But, it is not like that anymore; now it is all about money in most cases.

In these days, “pirates” are getting advertisement revenue, kick-bucks from cyberlockers, affiliations with E-commerce sites, or selling Apps. They are exploiting Manga and Anime just for the sake of money.

Manga publishers and Anime companies had worked hard to deal with piracy on their own, but they were getting nowhere. They deleted illegally uploaded works one after another, but “pirates” keep re-uploading works, and setting up new piracy sites…

Now is the time when everyone gets together to overcome this difficulty.

That is the reason why the Manga-Anime Guardians Project was born. This project is designed to thank “You,” who love Manga/Anime and are willing to show respect to people who are making the wonderful world of Manga/Anime.

Act now for the “bright future of Manga-Anime !”

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