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    It says that Bleach volume #74 Will be the last bleach volume.

    That means we only got another 5-6 chapters more to go...

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    This year's 31st issue of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine is announcing on Monday that Tite Kubo's long-running Bleach manga is approaching its ending. The magazine teased the number of chapters before the manga would end, but purposefully obscured the number.

    The word is that Bleach has another 20 or so chapters more to go.

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    Manga creator Tite Kubo confirmed on his Twitter account that a new chapter of the Bleach manga will not run in the next issue of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, which goes on sale in Japan on Monday.

    This announcement comes after Kubo reported, in a series of tweets that began on January 6, that he was not feeling well and had visited a hospital. He added that he had only drawn half of the new chapter's manuscript. He reported on Tuesday that he left the hospital after eight days and was heading to his studio.

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    Top Oricon, by Series, (18/13 November - November 16/14)

    18. Bleach (2,986,968)

    Other Series

    Top Oricon, by Volume, (18/13 November - November 16/14)

    47. Bleach Volume #61 (624.403)

    51. Bleach Volume #62 (603.344)

    58. Bleach Volume #63 (572.656)

    76. Bleach Volume #64 (532.356)

    Other Volumes

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    Below are the list of sites on the hit list, including MangaPanda and Mangastream.

    15 major anime production companies and manga publisher collaborate with the Japanese government will start huge operation nest month against foreign sites which have illegally uploaded anime and manga contents on the web without the copyright holders' permission. It will start on 1st of August, the government will start simultaneously sending requests to delete illegal anime and manga contents to the operators of the pirate sites which they have found. Furthermore, the operation will launch a new site to guide the fans to a legitimate site offering some 250 titles including the latest ones at a cost of several hundred yen.

    New s…

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