So here is my poem for Morgan silve's poem competition. I spent days planning it and then missed the bloody deadline.

Anyway, here it is. ^.^

Shine AKA Blessing Bleached

By TotalDrama22121

Shine of moon bless town below

Blessing her, Sleeved White Snow

Before the sun will see the town.

Snow will meet the strawberry crown

Her spirit will empower him

To enlighten powers dim

To save a Princess from her kin

To give Diablo will to win

Imposter hijacks strawberry’s hand

But just a friend (Perverted Brand)

Avenge his fallen mothers end

The Archer now becomes a friend

Together bring Goliath down

Defend the shining moon-blessed town

The moon shines brightly for tonight

Sleeved White Snow will soon take flight

Forced to answer for her crimes

Death? For the end of times

They come for Snow, Strawberry stands

Prepared to face the unknown hands

Shadows under shining moon

Cherry Blossom, King Baboon

Strawberry falls beneath the Tail

Snow cries at him. Destined to fail

Enlightened powers fade to black

Human and the Death God crack

Together friends must rescue Snow

The Crimson Prince and Team will show...

Strawberry how to light his soul

However darkness takes its toll

While Slaying Moon is born from light

A darker side begins to fight

Prepared for Heaven, Strawberry Hat

Diablo, Archer, Princess, Cat

A place of Trance, Beauty, Peace

Awaits Intruderz for release

The Western Gate was all but near

Intruderz walked with rage and fear

Giant slashed and strawberry clear

Repelled by Grinning God Kill Spear

Using gun of fallen clan

A brother lost, Sleeved Snow ran

Intruderz and the brother fly

Above, beyond the Heaven Sky

They gather, Captains of the Land

The centre of the thirteenth grand

So now the death must soon occur

While Spear is smirking in his blur

While mystery surrounds his grin

Mirror Flower will follow him

Now Intruderz fall to ground

Split in three, split around

Princess, Archer, Splitting Crow

Archer wins with glove and bow

Brother, Strawberry try to best

Azure Peacock, Dragon Crest

Diablo and the Talking Cat

Strawberry lays down Dragon flat

Now they rally, fight and stand

Lieutenants of the thirteenth land

Chaos soon takes over time

Mirror Flower dead by crime

Plum Tree and the Wretched clash

Friends forever, lost in flash

The leaders now must take control

Seal heaven’s gates; the whole

Both know Snow will meet end soon

Strawberry cuts the King Baboon

Red his mane, red his blood

Baboon and Snow will bloom from bud

He blesses her as slow he falls

Forever friends, behind stone walls

Strawberry stops...The Undead Eye

Covered. Stops the Vast Supply

Undead euphoric with melee

Strawberry’s blade will break today

Tied in blood, tied with blade

Uncovered eye will overshade

But strawberry cuts the moon in half

As he falls, Undead will laugh

Diablo stops...The Crazy Bone

Flower Heaven, happy tone

Sleeping. Smiling. Wants to drink

Diablo’s arm is at its brink

As petals rain, Stern Girl above.

Crazy Bone flirts for love.

But Diablo tries his hand

As he falls, Bone understand

Archer stops...The Cutting Legs

Science. Studies corpse and dregs

Sadistic even with his kin

Pain will make the Jizō win

Poison mist gives Legs the fight

But Archer’s glove will break tonight

Legs will melt; Archer whelps

As he falls, the daughter helps

Plum Tree burns in deepest grief

Confronting Spear, the sorrow brief

Spear and Wretched take to wing

For blizzard comes. Prince Ice Ring

God Killer frozen by the cold

Ice will end the strange and old

Spear ends by shooting Plum

But Ash Cat stops the bullet some .

The smile falters. Ash will cry.

Forever friends. Love? Or Die

Strawberry Crown is Left 4 Dead

Rescued by the Cat, she said

Cat? In truth the Queen of Flash

Heals strawberry hack and slash

Now the strawberry needs to find

His inner moon, inside his mind

To shine his light, he needs to know

What Crimson Prince will also show

Three Days left. Snow cries in stone

Will strawberry leave her all alone?

Diablo and the Archer lost.

Brother and the Gourd exhaust

Chaos reigns the land amass

Sand is flowing through Snow’s glass.

Condemned by brother, pride is lost

His vow must stay, his heart is frost

To save his friend, Baboon King fights

But falls amidst the cherry lights

Sleeved White Snow runs out of time

Now the sleep to pay her crime

Countdown To The End begins

Snow will suffer for her sins

As Phoenix flies to pierce her heart

Strawberry puts it back to start

Truth of Pisces. Crazy Bone

Now the seeds of battle sown.

Prepare to face Inferno now

Pairs of blades. Burning thou

Black Cat stops...The Hornet Queen

Sleek. The fastest ghost not seen

Teacher. Student. Now will clash

The Hornet versus Master Flash

Love . Betrayal. Left behind

Hornet loses piece of mind.

Flash is stung. Bee Sting Flower.

Hornet in her arms will cower

Stinging Flower fades away

As Hornet falls, the tears will stay

So now the Strawberry Crown will ride.

To conquer Cherry Blossom’s pride

Moon Fang Heaven Piercer shines

Clash with Thousand Blossom lines

When all seems lost, time is slow

The darker side begins to show.

The mask...White and Red. The mask

Nightmares soon to come, they ask...

White Sword and Moon Fang will meet

The final blow, both fall beat

From North to South across the land

Prince Ice Ring sees blood in hand

Four Six reasons to see what hide

Ash Cat and he proceed inside

Plum sees the Mirror before it breaks

Prince Ice Ring falls to broken lakes

Purifier...gentle kin

Responds to Mirror’s deadly sin

Now all Heaven know the truth

They all will gather. Aged and Youth

Vidyaraja will attack

Mirror strikes with coffin black

Spear and the Cricket Blind

Rise with Mirror; eyes unkind

Split of shadow in the sky

Takes them to land of mask and dry .

Hypnosis Ends. Snow is safe.

The end of panic: the end of strafe.

Cherry Blossom kept his vow

Undead wants a rematch now

Legs care not what happened next

Hornet with the Flash is vexed

Crazy Bone can finally drink

Truth of Pisces can finally think

Vidyaraja feels unease

Ice Ring helps Plum see the breeze

Princess, Diablo, Archer will roam

Along with Strawbery. Back to shining home.

The black of souls replaced by white

Hearts just holes the black of night

Mirror has them for his task

Giants. Beasts. Torn off Mask...

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