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Carbon Copies

Ok, so I'm a huge fan of the Arrancar. I just love the variety and creativity that Kubi put into them.

It not like Shinigami where just there sword changes when they release, for Arrancar their whole appearance changes and I find this really cool .


Did it piss everyone else off that Kubo just most of the Arrancar in the Heuco Mundo Arc fight their exact carbon copies, and I mean nearly ALL of them.

Aaroneiro: Weak Espada paired with Rukia: Weak Shinigami.

Szayel:Mad Scientist Espada paired with Mayuri: Mad Scientist Shinigami.

Zommari:Proud Espada paired with Byakuya: Proud Shinigami.

Grimmjow: Main Antagonist Espada (At the time) paired with Ichigo: Main Protagonist.

Nnoitra: Fight Obsessed Espada paired with Kenpachi: Fight Obsessed Shinigami.

Cirucci: Projectile Based Privaron paired with Uryu: Projectile Based Quincy.

Gantenbaine: Hand to Hand Privaron paired with Chad: Hand to Hand Human.

Edrad: Hot Head Arrancar ( no pun intended) paired with Ikkaku: Hot Head Shinigami.

Charlotte: Feminine Arrancar paired with Yumichika: Feminine Shinigami.

Findor: Mysterious Quick Arrancar paired with Shuhei: Mysterious Quick Shinigami.

Avirama was the exact opposite of Izuru, so that sort of breaks the pattern...anyway.

Poww: Giant Arrancar paired with Komumora: Shinigami with Giant Bankai.

Nirgge: Fat Arrancar paired with Omeada: Fat Shinigami.

Ggio: Fast Arrancar paired with Soifon: Fast Shinigami (although I wouldn't change this one, as they make the perfect couple. :D And did you see the way she looked after she killed him. :D )

Apacci, Sung-Sun and Mila Rose: Female Trio Arrancar paired with Rangiku and Momo: Female Duo Shinigami.

Ulquiorra got owned by Hollow Ichigo, so I guess that sort of Evil defeated by Greater Evil?

Tia: Water Espada paired with Toshiro: Ice Shinigami.

Barragan: Evil Time Warlock Espada paired with Hachi: Good Kido Warlock Shinigami.

Starrk: Silent Lazy Espada paired with Shunsui: Silent Lazy Shinigami.


No wonder the Arrancar got their asses handed to them!!!

It was like fighting a mirror!!!

Anyway, Hallibel rules!!!

Toshiro needs to go play in traffic like the little child he is. >:(

And Ichigo needs to kick Carnage's ass with FGT!!! >:D


Please comment and voice your opinions. Thanks for reading!!! :)

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