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    So here is my poem for Morgan silve's poem competition. I spent days planning it and then missed the bloody deadline.

    Anyway, here it is. ^.^

    Shine of moon bless town below

    Blessing her, Sleeved White Snow

    Before the sun will see the town.

    Snow will meet the strawberry crown

    Her spirit will empower him

    To enlighten powers dim

    To save a Princess from her kin

    To give Diablo will to win

    Imposter hijacks strawberry’s hand

    But just a friend (Perverted Brand)

    Avenge his fallen mothers end

    The Archer now becomes a friend

    Together bring Goliath down

    Defend the shining moon-blessed town

    The moon shines brightly for tonight

    Sleeved White Snow will soon take flight

    Forced to answer for her crimes

    Death? For the end of times

    They come for Snow, Strawberry stands


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  • TotalDrama22121

    Carbon Copies

    September 13, 2010 by TotalDrama22121

    Ok, so I'm a huge fan of the Arrancar. I just love the variety and creativity that Kubi put into them.

    It not like Shinigami where just there sword changes when they release, for Arrancar their whole appearance changes and I find this really cool .


    Did it piss everyone else off that Kubo just most of the Arrancar in the Heuco Mundo Arc fight their exact carbon copies, and I mean nearly ALL of them.

    Aaroneiro: Weak Espada paired with Rukia: Weak Shinigami.

    Szayel:Mad Scientist Espada paired with Mayuri: Mad Scientist Shinigami.

    Zommari:Proud Espada paired with Byakuya: Proud Shinigami.

    Grimmjow: Main Antagonist Espada (At the time) paired with Ichigo: Main Protagonist.

    Nnoitra: Fight Obsessed Espada paired with Kenpa…

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