I just got to know that Kensei and Rose were killed in the recent chapters of the manga. I do not know how I feel about their deaths? Tite Kubo never dug deep into their personalities and life. Also the way they died was pretty pathetic. They were vizards and captain level shinigamis. How could they be wiped out in one blow? I am disjointed with Kubo for killing off characters he thinks are minor. Take Chojiro's death. The guy had mastered Bankai and yet he was killed off without us knowing his true potential. Byakuya was supposedly killed off but later it turns out he was saved. So does a character dying depend on his popularity? What if Kubo killed off someone close to Ichigo? Won't that inspire Ichigo to fight with more passion against the Quincies? Even in the Arrancar arc no shinigami was killed off. Why? It has been proven that deaths create a big impact on the storyline. Take the deaths of Gin and Ulquiorra- two of the saddest anime deaths ever. Did that not create an impact. So instead killing off characters who's potentials we do not know..why does he not aim at some of the big fish. Take Jiraiya's death fighting Pain in Naruto. His death gave Naruto the courage to fight Pain. So what do you say?

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