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  • Toshiroichigo

    I just got to know that Kensei and Rose were killed in the recent chapters of the manga. I do not know how I feel about their deaths? Tite Kubo never dug deep into their personalities and life. Also the way they died was pretty pathetic. They were vizards and captain level shinigamis. How could they be wiped out in one blow? I am disjointed with Kubo for killing off characters he thinks are minor. Take Chojiro's death. The guy had mastered Bankai and yet he was killed off without us knowing his true potential. Byakuya was supposedly killed off but later it turns out he was saved. So does a character dying depend on his popularity? What if Kubo killed off someone close to Ichigo? Won't that inspire Ichigo to fight with more passion against…

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  • Toshiroichigo

    Uryu's next move?

    November 3, 2013 by Toshiroichigo

    So Uryu was declared the heir to the Quincy throne. That means currently he is classified as a bad guy. May be Kubo is using him as a double agent and he is secretly giving info to Ichigo. But what if Ishida is actually on the bad side? What if all his moves till now have simply been to examine Ichigo, his possible opponent in the future? What if by working for Ichigo, he intended to collect information. Also no one knows the true reason Uryu's father gave up being a die hard Quincy. What if that reason has something to do with this? All these questions will be answered but we will have to wait till then.

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  • Toshiroichigo

    I wanted to write this article to highlight the lack of strong personalities among the vice captains of gotei 13. Lets tackle this problem squad wise. In squad 1 we formerly had Choji, who had mastered Bankai but yet did not choose to become captain. He instead chose to remain loyal to the head captain. He literally put his life in the head captain's hand in my opinion. In squad two we have Mr.Omaeda who only clearly thinks about eating and is a considerably weak character. In squad 3 we have Izuru who blindly follows the instructions of Gin which leads him to being on the bad side for some time. In squad 4 Isane is physically large but lacks a strong opinion and always depends on the decision of Unohana. In squad we have Moo who is worst …

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  • Toshiroichigo

    Bleach villains

    November 2, 2013 by Toshiroichigo

    Tite Kubo clearly bases all his villains on some or the other group. The first serious villains in bleach were Aizen and his arrancar army which were Spanish themed. Most of the names of the arrancars, their releases and names of key locations in the Arrancar universe meant something in Spanish. I don't know which group in particular he was targeting at but the arrancars had Spanish roots. The Quincy army is clearly based on the Nazi army. The Stern Ritter is closely based on Hitler's SS. The uniforms of the Quincys is also very Nazi in nature. The ideology to set up a powerful and supreme race points out at the Nazi ideology.

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